ITASD 2014 international conference

call for Abstracts

This conference aims to offer a forum for those interested in Innovative Technologies (IT) and Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) to explore how technologies can help individuals with autism and their families.

The objectives of ITASD 2014 Paris are:
- To focus on how digital technologies can be used to improve the life of people with autism including children, adolescents, adults and the elderly,
- To gather both the scientific community and the families, and create a forum where they can talk to each other,
- To be very practical. Families and professionals have to be able to leave the conference with very concrete solutions and knowledge about real life experiences.


- download the standard Abstract Form.

Abstracts shall be submitted in English or French to All the submissions will receive a confirmation email. If the proposal is accepted, the communication may be presented either in English or French during the conference.

Information for exhibitors: companies that wish to present digital tools for autism can request a stand in the “observations” section of the form. Please note that companies cannot sell their products during the conference and that the numbers of stands as well as the space for each stand are limited: one table (2.15m x 0.80m) and 2 chairs per stand.

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